For your easy height adjustability, you can prefer to use dynamic monitor arm that offers fluid movement just by touching a finger. Also, they will allow exact screen positioning, tilt, rotation and variable distance.

Monitor arm will be perfect for single as well as dual screen use. Also, dynamic monitor arms will be ideal ergonomic solution if you like to mount laptops and tablets for keeping touchscreens within comfortable reach.

What is monitor arm?

Monitor mount is very strong but quite flexible ergonomic arm which can support your monitors. Generally, traditional monitor stand can hold the monitor in stationary, locked position, but with monitor arm you can move and also adjust angle, height or position of the monitor.

In case you have 2 monitors, then you can use these monitor arms to find perfect arrangement of these two, so that it will be easy and comfortable to see too. You can also enquire from Ideal Office Furniture, who is a well-known supplier of office furniture in Brisbane about more details about monitor arm.

Following are few benefits of using monitor arm.

1. Better work efficiency

Having 2 monitor mounts will be much better to work with your computer as you can always arrange your windows as well as files so that it will be very easy for you to find, see and edit your files.

Soon you will be really amazed to find how by adding monitor mount in your desk your work efficiency has improved so much.

2. Reduced neck pain

Most of us have experienced neck pain while spending hours working at our desk when we are absorbed in new project. You can easily cure this discomfort by using monitor mount.

By using standard immobile monitor, your monitor will stuck at certain position, which can often be in wrong position. A monitor arm will help you to customize angle, height and depth of the monitor for most ergonomic position of your body.

3. Prevent eye strain

By staring at your screen for whole day can always tire your eyes, especially if it is too close/far screen from your face. You can prevent your chronic eye strain with monitor mount for finding correct ergonomic placement meant for your screen.

4. Sit-stand versatility

Those having height-adjustable sit-stand desk, for them using monitor mount is more important as ideal ergonomic position will change while sitting or standing. Hence, with immobile monitor stand, for half of the time it will be in wrong placement. Only monitor arm will be right solution for you.

5. Increased focus

With monitor arm, you will always find it very easy to focus while working and also it will be much easier to navigate while going through different files as you are working on your important project.

6. Improved posture

Sitting always at desk with the monitor in wrong position will lead to leaning forward, slouching and other poor habits of posture. After few days, sitting in wrong posture for longer hours can cause chronic joint or back problems that can impact your health too.

Having a monitor arm your desk and chair will be ergonomically aligned and soon you can realize the benefits.

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