In this COVID-19 pandemic, people are experiencing a hard time in gaining access to many services like hair care professionals. Fortunately, homes with stylists in the family can ignore the fact on how essential barbers and salons are to the majority of the public.

In this post, we will discuss how hair can clog your home plumbing drains. Bathroom sinks are the most preferred spots to cut hair. It has a huge mirror to guide you through the self-trimming adventure. If you are going to self-shear over the sink, then it is crucial to take the following precautions.

  • Spread a towel on the sink, so the trimmed hair can be shaken into a wastebasket.
  • Vacuum clipping with a wet-dry vacuum.

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Shower drains and hair clogs

There is a common delusion that women are responsible for hair clogs. Nevertheless, even if you have short hair, shower drains can get clogged just like long hair. Pet owners who bathe their pets in the bathroom also contribute towards hair clogs. The main culprit to cause clogging is oily deposits from the body, soap, and other solid particles, which flow down the drain, get stuck.

These area turns into a trap and starts depositing more grime. Thus, the clog starts getting bigger until water starts flowing forward. Hair offers surfaces for oily deposits to get stuck. You cannot keep the shower drains hair-free, so you need to prevent hair from clogging shower drains. Use drain strainers, which prevents a lot of hair from slipping inside the shower drain pipe. Even bathtubs can be cleaned easily by installing a drain strainer.

How to remove hair clogs from the shower or sink drains?

There are several techniques given below, you can try!

Wire hanger or drain snake

It is easy to grab the hair blockage and pull it out with a plumber’s snake. It is long and has a small claw on the tip of its pole. Homeowners can find this tool handy in such situations. Insert the tool inside the drain. When you reach the blockage grab the hair clog and pull it out. In case, you don’t have a snake, use a wire hanger, which can be modified into a hook or claw.

Boiling water

Grease and soap buildup sticks hair in the drain. It slowly builds up and narrows the pipe, until there is a complete clog. Removing the gunky buildup can eliminate the hair clog. You can do it with boiling water. Boil a pot of water and pour it slowly down the drain.

The heated water can break the soap and grease buildup releasing the hair, which gets flushed down. Use a funnel to direct water down the drain and be careful not to splash around or you will experience some burns.

Vinegar & baking soda

If the clog does not get cleared with boiling water pour a cup of vinegar and baking soda down the drain. Remember, for tough blockages you will need to call professional plumbers because they have the right technique and tools to successfully do the task!

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