The third post in the “How to define your personal style” series is about style icons. As weird as it might seem, observing other people’s styles could help you finding your own. Celebs, fashion hero’s and others that have been declared style icons or just have an awesome taste in fashion are perfect as a reference. You’ll probably won’t come across a single person’s style that defines you. It is all about mixing it up: a bit of Ashley Olsen with some Clémence Poésy, or Audrey Hepburn with a touch of Sienna Miller. Everything is possible.

[1.] Figure out who your style icons are

If you’re not sure who your style icons are, start by putting together a collection of inspiring outfits. Pinterest or Tumblr can be really helpful, or just create a mood board. After a while, you might discover that you’ve pinned a couple of items from the same people: there must be something about their styles that appeals to you.

[2.] Assess their styles

Try to analyse why you’re drawn to their outfits. Is it the way they mix and match high street with high end? Is it a signature piece, like Coco Chanel’s Breton striped tee, or Renee Zellweger’s Cutler and Gross sunglasses?

[3.] Get crafty

The fun part: try mixing and matching your style icon’s outfits. Mix Sienna Miller’s boots with Kate Bosworth’s dress, and so on. Make it as perfect as possible. In other words: make it more you.

[4.] Use it as a reference

After completing step 3, you should have a pretty clear view on who your style icons are and what you like about them. You’ve probably gained some new ideas of how to mix and match certain pieces, now translate it to your own outfits!

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