Most teenagers dream of getting their own driving license as soon as they reach legal driving age. Even though you accompany them on road as they practise, you might not be able to teach them everything. It’s not only about lane switching or parallel parking. It’s about teaching those different driving techniques and how to be safe. That’s where you need a driving instructor.

Reasons Why You Need a Driving Instructor

  • Experience and Professionalism

A driving lesson need patience and required amount of experience on road that you might not have. There are a lot of technicalities that you need to go in before actually driving a car on your own. Most of the driving instructors are friendly and patient. No matter how nervous a person might be, they adopt right approach to deal with all type of learners. These instructors take required training before taking any appointment. Make sure your child is comfortable around the instructor. The more comfortable your child is, the more they will be able to learn from this experience.

  • Structured Learning Curriculum

Driving instructors follow a structured learning curriculum which is important to complete each and every concept of driving. It can solidify the fundamentals and give them confidence before going on the road. Two people cannot have same learning style. Maybe you did a good job in teaching your eldest son, but your youngest child might need a different approach. A driving instructor can customise lessons as per the needs of the learner.

  • Latest Rules and Regulations

You probably learned driving cars decades ago. In that course of time, a lot has changed in terms of rules and regulations. You should let your child learn from professional driving instructor to make sure that your child is up-to-date with all the driving guidelines. Pass First Go offer driving lessons Ballina for any student at every experience level. Even though it’s your first time behind the vehicle, they can make sure that you learn all the skills that you need to get your license.

  • Proper Technical Tools and Vehicles

Today, driving instructors come with dual-control teaching tools to ensure better safety and control. Since they have control over the vehicle, they can prevent any mishappening from happening. Also, some of the instructors use vehicles with high visibility signage to aware everyone on road that the driver is still learning. Fellow drivers can then accommodate as per the instructions. Some driving schools also offer virtual lessons to help students in actual driving.

  • Flexibility

It might not always be possible for you to take time out from work. There might be a lag between two driving lessons. Driving instructor can incorporate a schedule that suits your child’s need. There is different type of driving lessons. Some lessons are one-on-one. Some take place in groups with multiple students. You should look for recommendations from your friends and family members. It is likely they can recommend an instructor who suited their child in the past and they were happy with the results.


Apart from practical lessons, instructors can also help your child in passing theory driving tests. They might help your child to get their license on first attempt.

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