Speech language pathologists who ‘get’ stammering combine the art of therapy with the science to help you find the right match for their customers. As the need of one customer can be different, it is important to consider the general guidelines at the time of selecting an SLP. It will aid you to become a knowledgeable customer.

Learn about the client story

Before you select an SLP, observe their listening abilities. A good SLP professional listens closely to their customers to properly understand their story. This skill helps them to go beyond the surface level behavior. They get a clear idea about the client’s problem to take better effective measures for their resolution.

Listening with empathy helps in understanding the matter without judgment. This, in turn, helps to develop a working relationship between the client, as well as the clinician.

Eastside speech is a renowned firm that offers speech pathology Sydney.  The speech pathologists at this firm provide language, literacy, and speech therapy to its patients. They are passionate about helping people to improve their speaking, and understanding abilities, and bring dramatic transformation in their lives.

Learn about how adjustable and flexible they are

Before you select an SLP, there are two important factors to assess their competency. They need to be flexible and alter the timing, and content of therapy to fulfill the needs of the client in the best way.

Sometimes these pathologists sacrifice their own goals to meet the goals of their clients. This is one of the important qualities about them that you should pay attention to.

Goals can include reduction of the frequency of stammering, enhancing communication skills, risk-taking abilities, reducing avoidance behavior, or lowering the impact that stammering has on the life of the person. Each area of improvement is weighted by them in accordance with the needs and wants of the individual.

Explain you the treatment

A good speech language pathologist offers a lucid explanation for the medical decision they take for the improvement of the health of the individual.

They come out from the clinical mindset and put themselves into the state of their patients to understand them better. Their therapy begins by becoming the companion of the patient. Effective SLPs takes risks as well as motivate their patients to do like that with a feeling of fearlessness, and cultivating fearlessness.

Attend self-help meetings

Another important thing to note when it comes to the selection of an SLP is that whether they attend self-help meetings with the patients who stammer.

Such type of meetings is the yearly meeting of the National Stuttering Association, Speak Easy International etc. In these meetings, they listen to stories of success, courage, support, and acceptance, and focus on how it can be improved.

Be an ongoing student

A good SLP continues to learn, and hone his skills and knowledge participating in continuing education activities. It ensures that they are updated with medical treatment, and approaches available to them at all times.


The right selection of a speech language pathologist needs consideration of several different areas. These are some of the important things that you must keep in mind to make the right selection.

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