If you are a good aqua lover and willing to maintain a sea clear fish tank.  The first thing you have to do is know about an ideal fish tank size that provides sufficient space for different type of beautiful fish.

Secondly, try to know about its maintenance for long life of fish. You can find fish tanks in many sizes looking for a standard size like 30 gallon will help you to maintain your fish easily.

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Before purchasing a fish tank know everything in detail such as dimensions, price, species, and plants. Here are few basic things of an aquarium that help you in getting a better idea regarding setting fish tank, equipment and more.

Stocking ideas

Community tank – If you need a small, peaceful, and semi-aggressive fish tank, a community aquarium is the best choice. You can create beautiful decoration, pretty fishes and plants, but you need to be cautious of compatibility to avoid attacking nature of fishes. You can choose fishes like Pearl Gourami, Brestlenose Pleco, and Cherry Barbs for a beautiful look.

Species tank – To create a friendly environment, one species tank is an ideal choice. You can include large fish pair or few schooling fishes and experiment with driftwood, rocks, and more to make it beautiful. You can choose fish species like Scarlet Badis as they will have attractive personality.

Paludrium – It is the combination of both aquarium and terrarium that helps to create unique style fish tank. The main focal point will be on aquatic plants and animals. You can include an amphibian or provide a great space to your fishes.


  • Heater – to adjust and balance the temperature effectively
  • Filters – to distribute necessary nutrients to the fishes and others
  • Lights – for the development and growth of the fishes
  • Other equipment including Aquarium stand, simple aquarium lid, gravel vacuum cleaners and aquarium pump helps to increase the stability of your tank.

Fish tank set up

Setting a standard fish tank is very simple and easy compared to others. Designing interior and positioning decorations makes a huge difference.

  • Choose the best place to keep your fish tank
  • Rinse and lay the substrate
  • Attach plants to substrate and cover with sand or gravel
  • Set up decorating items, drift wood, and rocks
  • Install equipment and fill the tank with water
  • Turn on the equipment and leave it for nearly 4-6 weeks, once the nitrate and ammonia level reaches zero add fishes in your tank.

If you really want to establish a pleasant atmosphere in your home, fish tank works great, so choose the best type of fish tank and order today.

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