1980 was an era of bold colors, style, and silhouettes including permed hair. You can see some key looks ranging from power suits to shoulder pads and everything in between of the 80s making a comeback. You can relive the memorable 80s costume fashion this Halloween. Below are some 80s costume ideas inspired by TV, movies, music, and beyond.


80s style cannot ignore the fashion queen Madonna. Get a look at her album cover ‘Like a Virgin’, which reveals her lace & tulle outfit. You will need a Lacey Bustier top. It is a costume perfect for Halloween!


A bedazzled purple suit, big hair, and a plum jacket can easily transform you into the most famous Prince look. He was the soundtrack writer of the 80s popular ‘Purple Rain’ album.

Summer & Cassey

The Baywatch girls are a good option for a costume at a Halloween pool party.


Heather is a classic movie of the 80s, where every scene looks worthy and stylish. A great inspiration for your costume!

Freddie Mercury

Whenever Freddie stepped on the stage, a new costume for future generations Halloween got supplied. A white tank & studs’ outfit from 1985 s ‘Live Aid’ concert is easiest to create and even memorable.


Salt-N-Pepa is an iconic group, who introduced spandex and leather garments for Halloween.

Uhura & Kirk

Star Trek fans or not but you can appreciate their outer space fabulous outfits.


It is the easiest inspiration of the 80s costume. Wear jeans and baggy T-shirts along with chains and flat-bills for your entire group.

Rainbow Brite

She was an icon for everyone in the 80s. Even today her loud and kitschy dress is in trend!

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi’s look can be described as a dress-up box explosion. You just need to drape shawls, scarves, beads, pearls, and pins all across yourself. The next step is extremely heavy on your eye makeup.

Elton John

Sir Elton’s style is Halloween’s favorite because fun glasses get to be worn to reflect his persona. Pay tribute to this knight of pop by rocking in 80s Technicolor outfits he wore.

Hulk Hogan

For 80s costume fashion rep the popular wrestler in comfortable leggings along with cowboy boots. The WWE of the 80s was huge just like Hulk Hogan’s bicep.

Princess Diana & Prince Charles

As a couple choose these characters and create the biggest moment of the 80s. Massive veil and wedding gown with puff sleeves can be got from a vintage store.

Jerry Hall

White polka dots on a black dress along with a red-colored wide-brimmed hat and a matching belt can create Jerry Hall.

The Shining Twins

You can get weird with your best friend and recreate this offbeat classic.

Visit funwirks.com and costumes.la to look at the huge collection of 80s costume and uncover a perfect vintage appearance. You can even go in the 80s couple costumes with your significant partner and rock together at the Halloween party. 1980 was a magical era, where the gals had a stellar voice and true cosmic fashion sense.

Wear an 80s costume this Halloween and relive the era with excitement and fun!

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