As an escort, when you think of the best way that you can live your life, you will realize that you need to set boundaries. Although it is your responsibility to make the client happy, some clients may demand more than what you can offer.  You ought to identify some of the healthy boundaries that you need to set for yourself and then implement them as soon as possible.

As much as you may be occupied with your escort profession, you also need to set time aside for yourself. This is the time you get to do the things that you enjoy such as reading books, swimming and traveling.  Being an escort can be really tough especially when you encounter some clients who think that you are so desperate and hence, they will treat you the way they want. If you always allow offering services to such kind of clients you will always suffer.

Whenever you meet a client for the first time, always explain to them the things that you can and cannot do clearly. The moment you set healthy boundaries with your clients, you will realize that they will always treat you the way you deserve and none of the clients will ever take advantage of you. By setting boundaries, you will not only be increasing your value but you will also be doing a favor for yourself by ensuring that no client takes advantage of the services you offer.

Although you may be working as an escort, you also be in a relationship and it is very important that you are very honest with your partner. Make sure that your partner is okay with your occupation otherwise, things may get messy as time goes by. Having an understanding partner makes i8t easier for you to address some of the issues that you may encounter as time goes by. As an escort, you will need to set boundaries with your partner and let him know that when you are having clients around it is not okay for him to be around.

Also set boundaries in terms of what you share with your partner. Various agencies such as Escort 92, forbids escorts from sharing client’s information for purposes of their privacy and hence your partner should never force you to tell him the various services that you are offering to your clients.

You should also set boundaries with your clients and ensure that they do not interrupt any of your free time when you are working. Let your clients know that they should never contact you when you are not working and they should also never show up at your place without your permission. Any clients who cross any of your set boundaries should be gotten rid of.

You will also need to explain to your clients how intimate you are willing to go so that they do not ask for services that you cannot be able to offer. As an escort, you are not required to offer all the services that your client demands. You are only allowed to offer what you agreed on.

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