Purchasing lighting fixtures for your home can be quite tricky. The dizzying number of choices available makes it all the more confusing. There are a number of considerations to be taken into account including -it should match the decor of the space, it should be of the right size, its placement etc.

Chandeliers for dining room:

If you are looking for something attention-seeking that needs to be the focal point of your dining room, chandeliers take the cake. Lighting is the special final touch in your dining room that completes the entire look. Apart from providing ample illumination to your dining room, lighting impacts the overall vibe of the space.

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Wondering which style chandeliers suit your dining room?

Crystal iron and brass chandeliers are a fool-proof design choice and add more punch to a room. Brass chandeliers come in various styles including traditional, modern, rustic and contemporary. The metal that holds the light bulb ranges from bronze to gold. In terms of illumination, brass chandeliers are ideal since they are equipped with many light bulbs.

Rule book for selecting dimensions of chandeliers in dining room:

  • Diameter of chandelier: Determine the apt size of chandelier depending on the dining room dimensions and table dimensions. Something too small would get lost in the space while something too large would look unpleasantly over-the-top. If yours is a round table, the diameter of the fixture must be half of that of the table.
  • Height of chandelier: If the chandelier is too high, there won’t be ample illumination whilst if it is too low, it’ll get in the way and obstruct the flow of the room. It should hang about 30 to 34 inches above the dining table if the room has standard 8 foot ceiling. For higher ceilings, add 3 inches for each foot of the ceiling.

Take accurate measurement before you start looking for chandeliers online.

Installing the chandelier:

After you’ve found the right chandelier, you could call a professional to install it. You could do it yourself if you have experience installing light fixtures in which case turn off electricity supply to the fixture. Read the instruction manual thoroughly before starting the installation.

If you are replacing your old fixture with a new brass chandelier, you should install a brace for additional support. It is best to leave the job to the hands of the professionals if you don’t have a clear idea about installing chandeliers.

Chandeliers are designed to illuminate only the space beneath and around it. Extra illumination can be attained by installing scones or additional lighting in the corners or serving areas. Your home’s lighting is a reflection of your sophisticated taste. Take your time selecting the right chandelier that aligns with the style of your house.

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