Corporate gifts are one of the most effective promotional strategies that you can opt for. This helps in creating brand awareness among potential clients and within proper partners. Unique and customized New year gifts have gained popularity in both commercial and personal spaces. Personalized gifts have a unique sense of belonging and remembrance.

It cannot be compared with just gifts that you send as a token of appreciation. Promotional gifts can also be used by all types of companies to launch various types of new products and services. It can be used both online and offline marketing.

Needless to say, any start-up needs to acquire maximum eyeballs and have good exposure when they are launching themselves in the market. With customized gifts, you cannot go wrong in impressing a client or a customer.

There are several new-age corporates which have given gift baskets during Christmas and New Year. The main agenda of giving a gift basket is to promote the brand and at the same time thank your customer. This helps in strengthening partners and business relationships. Let’s check what you can gift in the basket:

Food and Drinks:

Most of the corporate Christmas gift baskets these days are including many foods and drinks gift items. Since New Year is the time for eating and drinking you must design small gift baskets to big gift baskets. In these baskets, you can include different types of chocolates, organic coffee, custom insulated cooler bags, chocolate biscuits, and cheese.

Several new brands are giving fruit baskets, kosher products, and ketogenic items to promote health and fitness. However, if you want to make your basket more expensive you can also include liquor and imported alcohol in them. Do not forget to include cheese in those baskets. Whenever you are planning such items, make sure you cross-check with the client about their preferred liquor.

A gift basket with a twist

For your specialized clients, you should invest time and money to create a customized gift the person will love and admire. For your close clients, you must understand the hobby of the person and then speak with your vendor.

For example, you can gift a fitness enthusiast gym wear, duffle bags, and towel. Not only the client will love your gift but also the person will admire the token of appreciation. Make sure that you do proper branding in the basket and on the item within the basket.

Festive Coupons

Festive coupons are one of the best ways to delight anyone. The festive season is a season for buying gifts and pampering oneself. You can gift festive coupons for any clothing line, sunglasses brand or any grocery material as well

Promotional gifts

With the starting of New Year, you cannot go wrong with regular promotional gifts such as customized pens, diary, and cardholder. You can also replace the cardholder with belts and key rings if you want to. Do not forget to imprint company branding before gifting them.

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